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The Central Union for Child Welfare organisation

The Central Union for Child Welfare employs some 30 people. The union’s highest decision-making body is the General Assembly, which meets twice a year. The 12-member board, assisted by the executive committee, is responsible for operations and decision-making.

The board of the central union can appoint advisory boards and committees to promote its strategic goals. Representatives of member organisations are invited to join these bodies.

The union currently has the following advisory boards: the Consultative Committee for Child Welfare, the Consultative Committee for Child and Family Policy and the Consultative Committee for Young People. Additionally, there is a Communications Committee, OMEP Committee, and a committee for monitoring recommendations from the Committee on the Rights of the Child.

The task of the advisory boards and committees is to ensure that the central union stays connected with its members and the daily protection of children. Their task is also to promote networking in the field and to convey the latest information.

You can read more in Finnish in our rules.

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