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The Central Union for Child Welfare’s strategy and action plan

The union’s strategy determines the measures to be taken to face the ever-changing challenges in the operational environment.

Our vision is to strengthen the conditions for a good childhood, join forces with other bodies and make an impactful contribution to society. Our mission is to develop child welfare operations and enhance interaction between NGOs, the public sector, citizens and decision-makers to achieve the best interests and rights of children. Our values are humanity, courage and transparency.

Our strategic objectives are

1) To raise awareness among policymakers about inequalities between children and families, and practices that promote equality
2) To ensure that children’s rights are recognised and taken into account in political decision-making
3) To place the child at the core of child and family policies
4) To include children and young people in an ethically sustainable way
5) To improve the effectiveness of child welfare efforts through knowledge-based advice

Our strategy for 2018–2021 (pdf, in Finnish)

Our action plan

Our two-year action plan lays out our strategy in detail and defines the measures we are taking to achieve our strategic goals.

Our action plan for 2020–2021 (pdf, in Finnish)

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