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The Central Union for Child Welfare’s strategy and action plan

The union’s strategy determines the measures to be taken to face the ever-changing challenges in the operational environment. The Central Union for Child Welfare strategy for 2022–2025 outlines the means to meet the ever-changing challenges in our operating environment. Our vision is to ensure that everyone has a happy childhood. Our mission is to strengthen the conditions for a good childhood and the implementation of the rights of the child. We run our operations in a courageous, humane, responsible and equal manner.

Our strategic goals are:

  1. All politics is child politics. The Central Union for Child Welfare highlights the perspective of the rights of the child in decision-making and promotes the use of child-friendly decision-making tools, the implementation of the national Child Strategy and the recommendations of the Committee on the Rights of the Child.
  2. Children’s rights to be themselves are fulfilled. The Central Union promotes the right of every child to his or her own identity and seeks to reduce discrimination against different minority groups.
  3. Every child has a safe life. The Central Union contributes to ensuring the implementation of efficient and high-quality services in contexts such as family centres and child welfare operations and works to ensure that all children can have a childhood free of violence.
  4. Children and families are optimistic about their future. The Central Union aims to reduce the shadow of the coronavirus in the lives of children, young people and families, to empower children and young people in the face of climate change and to make their voices heard in society.

Our strategy for 2022–2025 (pdf, in Finnish)

Our action plan

Our two-year action plan lays out our strategy in detail and defines the measures we are taking to achieve our strategic goals.

Our action plan for 2024 (pdf, in Finnish)

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