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Member organisations

Our membership consists of 99 organisations and 39 municipalities and joint municipal boards. Our members connect us to practical child welfare work, new priorities and areas of development and have access to opportunities such as working on advisory boards, affordable training, joint projects, campaigns and interesting networking opportunities. We also work together to make an impact.

Would you like to become a member?

We can accept as full members, municipalities or registered associations and foundations or other legal entities that work in the field of child welfare, promote the development of the field and whose operations cover either Finland or the Finnish- or Swedish-speaking population as a whole. The Board of the Central Union for Child Welfare makes decisions on memberships.

Organisations can submit an informal application, which must be signed by an authorised person in the organisation. The membership application needs to have the following appendixes: the most recent balance sheet, annual report, action plan guidelines and a statement of the board’s decision to apply for membership of the Central Union for Child Welfare.

The organisation’s operations must be established for it be accepted as a member. Municipal members only need to submit an application and an extract from the minutes of the meeting at which the decision was made to apply for membership of the Central Union for Child Welfare.

You can send your application with attachments via e-mail to toimisto(a)

Further information on our members can be found on our pages in Finnish.

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