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A child’s everyday life

A good everyday life means safety for children

We want every child to grow up in a safe environment and to receive good care. To achieve this, there must be appropriate structures and services in place, and families of all kinds need to be heard and receive the support they require.

What do we do?

We work to ensure that children can grow up in safe environments. We promote every child’s right to be protected and treated well, regardless of where they grow up. We monitor the development of the attitudes of Finnish people to parenting and provide information on motivational methods. We coordinate collaboration between various organisations’ services and family centre activities, and offer training for professionals who work with families.


We also publish the Lapsen Maailma magazine, which features easily accessible articles on children’s growth and development.

Most of our publications and other communications are in Finnish. You will find more information on our theme page on a child’s everyday life in Finnish.

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You will find all our news, press releases, blogs, positions and statements on our pages in Finnish.

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Our publications

Our publications are for the most part free of charge and written in Finnish. We also have some publications in Swedish and English. Read more!

Our publications (in Finnish)

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You will find our detailed contact information on our pages in Finnish. Contact us, if you have any questions.

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Experts working on the subject

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