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Central Union for Child Welfare

Central Union for Child Welfare, founded in 1937, is a central organisation that works as an active and uniting force in matters relating to children’s rights on a national and European level. The CUCW aims for a situation where children’s needs are a priority in decision-making and children’s rights are implemented in full.

The mission of the CUCW is to develop child welfare and to promote cooperation between non-governmental organisations, municipalities and state authorities. The CUCW has 96 organisational members and 39 municipal members.

The goal set forth in the Lapsi 2018 strategy is that by the end of 2018 child and family impact is taken into account in municipal and governmental decisions and that the impact assessments as well as reasoning behind decisions are communicated in an active manner. To achieve that goal, the implementation of children’s rights is being promoted on various levels. For more information on the CUCW’s goals and tasks, see the Lapsi 2018 -strategy (in Finnish).


Central Union for Child Welfare

  • exerts influence on legislation by issuing opinions and statements and on general attitudes by providing information and campaigning
  • improves the knowledge of professionals by organising training and carrying out and commissioning surveys and studies
  • coordinates programmes and projects, such as the Kaikille eväät elämään
  • cooperates with member NGOs and stakeholders
  • cooperates with the media
  • publishes Lapsen Maailma (Child’s World) monthly magazine (Finnish only).

Detailed information is divided into following topics: child welfare, preventive child welfare, children’s rights and international child welfare work. You can read more about our operation in the annual reports. Latest news in english can be read here.


Following publications are published in english:


The CUCW’s supreme decision-making body is the General Assembly, held twice a year. The Board, assisted by the Executive Committee, is responsible for operation and decision-making. In addition, there are three advisory boards working together with the CUCW and its member NGOs. Read more about our organisational structure.

The CUCW employs about 30 people.

Office contact information and opening hours
Postal address: Armfeltintie 1, FI-00150 Helsinki, Finland
Tel.: +358 (0)50 411 2380

Our office and library are only open by a separate agreement. Please contact us if you want to visit us in Helsinki.

See personnel contacts.


The CUCW is financed by the profits from The Children’s Day Foundation, operating the Linnanmäki amusement park, and the profits from Lapsen Maailma (Child’s World) monthly magazine. In 2014, they formed more than 70 percent of the funds. Other significant sources of income include funding from Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organizations (STEA) and project funding. The average annual budget is over EUR 3.5 million.