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Child welfare

The Central Union for Child Welfare promotes the improvement of child welfare services and their operational conditions. The aim is also to engage children, young people and families in child welfare services as well as to broaden the expertise of specialists and disseminate information about child welfare services.

The Central Union for Child Welfare lobbies to ensure that children can grow up in safe environments, parents receive support and the children’s rights are fulfilled.

Our lobbying activities focus on:

  • legislation concerning children
  • the creation of a child welfare service system that is equal throughout the country
  • the coordination of child welfare operations on a national level, and the equal implementation of child welfare services
  • ensuring safe environments for children and young people to grow up in, and the prevention of abuse

We promote:

  • the fulfilment of children’s rights and the application of a child impact assessment when decisions concerning children and young people are made
  • improvement of the quality of open care and substitute care, and strengthening the impact of child welfare services
  • networking and shared expertise among various child welfare organisations
  • opportunities to be involved in society for children, young people and families who have used child welfare services

Child welfare operations are governed by the Child Welfare Act, which aims to protect children’s rights to a safe growth environment, balanced and well-rounded development and special protection. Child welfare covers services from open care to after-care services.

Child welfare services offer help to children and families that support children’s development, safety and necessary living conditions. The focus is on children’s ability to be involved in and influence matters that affect them. The services work with children, families and the children’s other networks. Child welfare activities include operations carried out by child welfare authorities and other professionals working with children and families as well as collaboration between the various partners.

Fulfilment of children’s rights is the foundation of child welfare services. The key point is to prioritise children’s interests in all services carried out by authorities and in issues affecting children. Child welfare services are strongly engaged in ensuring the fulfilment of children’s rights. Children’s rights are specifically provided for in the Constitution of Finland as well as in the European Convention on Human Rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.