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The CUCW’s supreme decision-making body is the General Assembly, held twice a year. It elects board members and a chairman and approves the annual report, operational plan, budget and financial statement.

Board and Executive Committee

The board consists of the chairman and 12 members. Each member has a personal deputy. The board manages, monitors and develops organisational matters together with the executive committee which consists of the chairman of the board, one of the deputy chairmen and two board members. The executive committee prepares matters for the board and supports the work of the office, work groups and advisory boards. The responsibilities of the meeting, the board and the executive committee are stated in the rules.

The CUCW’s chairman and members of the board (term in brackets):

Chairman of the Board

Pentti Arajärvi, professor (2016–2018)
1st deputy Pia Sundell, Executive Director, Barnavårdsföreningen i Finland r.f.
2nd deputy Mari Ahlström, Child Welfare Division, City of Espoo


Kim Berglund, Director, Lauste Family Rehabilitation Center (2016–2018)
Personal deputy: Kristiina Keppo, Manager, Children’s and young peoples home Vanamo, Eskoo federation of municipalities

Secretary General Hanna Markkula-Kivisilta, Save the Children (2016–2018)
Personal deputy: Satu Järvenkallas, City of Helsinki

Tina Mäkelä, Director, Suomen Uusperheellisten liitto (2016–18)
Personal deputy: Jari Ketola, Executive Director, Pesäpuu ry

Mikko Oranen, Chief Development Officer, Nuorten Ystävät (2016–18)
Personal deputy: Tuula Kumpumäki, Executive Director, All Our Children

Mari Ahlström, Head of Child Welfare Services, City of Espoo (2017-19)
Personal deputy: Marianne Ohtonen, Executive Director, The Finnish Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Riitta Särkelä, Executive Director, The Federation of Mother and Child Homes and Shelters (2017-19)
Personal deputy: Johanna Laisaari, Chairman, Finnish Parents League

Kai Laitinen, Executive Director, The Federation of Special Welfare Organisations (Ehjä ry) (2017-19)
Personal deputy: Pauliina Lehtinen, Executive director, KASPER – Kasvatus- ja perheneuvonta

Milla Kalliomaa, Secretary General, Mannerheim League for Child Welfare (2017-19)
Personal deputy: Tuija Rinkinen, Chief, The Family Federation of Finland

Pia Sundell, Executive Director, Baranvårdsföreningen i Finland r.f. (2018–2020)
Personal deputy: Communication Manager Katri Korolainen, Nuori Kirkko ry

Pertti Kukkonen, Executive Director, Auta Lasta ry. (2018-2020)
Personal deputy: Chairman of the Board Tero Ristimäki, Talentia, Union of Professional Social Workers

Marja Pajulahti, Managing Director, Sos Children’s Villages (2018-2020)
Personal deputy: Heidi Nygren, Executive Director, Kalliolan Setlementti

Satu Hartikainen, Leading Social worker, City of Kotka (2018-2010)
Personal deputy: Executive Director Pauliina Lampinen, Vamlas Foundation

Representatives for National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL):

Tarja Heino, Senior Researcher
Personal deputy: Matti Salminen, Director, Valtion koulukodit


Chief Executive is responsible for the operation of the office. The operation and services follow the adjacent administrative chart.

The programme team is responsible for implementing services in accordance with the operational plan.

The finance and office team is responsible for the office and CUCW support services.

The communications team is responsible for all outgoing communications as well as the development of information services and communication support services for the rest of the organisation.

Member Organisations and Advisory Boards

The CUCW has 94 organisational members and 39 municipal members.

The member organisations’ expertise and experience is put to practice by three advisory boards:

Consultative Committee for Child Welfare
Chairman of the Board: Tina Mäkelä
Secretaries: Julia Kuokkanen and Susanna Hoikkala

Consultative Committee for Child and Family Policy
Chairman of the Board: Pia Sundell
Secretaries: Sonja Falk ja Reetta Kallio

Consultative Committee for Child and Youth Participation
Chairman of the Board: Mikko Oranen
Secretaries: Kirsi Pollari and Tiia Hipp