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Child welfare is every day work, taking care of every day matters. It is protection from abuse and harmful conditions. It is also positive protection: empowering, proactive and preventive.

The Central Union for Child Welfare faces more and more expectations concerning fast and professional communications as well as detection and exposure of blind spots in the field. The CUCW is also expected to assist other operators and take a strong role in the promotion of coordination and cooperation.

The focus has shifted from child welfare to ensuring children’s wellbeing. From the child’s, family’s and the society’s perspective it would be more beneficial to direct more resources towards preventive child welfare. Various parties working together would result in a reduced need of corrective measures.

The CUCW is an independent promoter of cooperation and prepares matters to help member organisations to better achieve their goals.


Our vision for the 2014–2018 strategy is following:

We strive to make the needs of children a true priority in decision-making. This means that by the end of 2018 child and family impact is taken into account in municipal and governmental decisions and that the impact assessments as well as reasoning behind decisions are communicated in an active manner.

The needs of children and families must be taken into consideration in all decision-making, not only in matters traditionally considered to affect children. The CUCW monitors this for example by setting indicators to measure the attainment of the vision and the goal level of the criteria. The goal of drawing attention to child impact is to produce information that can used to make decision-makers, experts and the media to react to the needs of children and families.


The mission of the CUCW is to develop child welfare and to promote cooperation between organisations and other bodies in the field to achieve the best interests and rights of children.

Tasks set in the organisation’s rules include developing cooperation with aforementioned operators as well as municipal and state authorities.

The CUCW has a significant role as a bellwether, promoter of cooperation and guardian of children’s rights in the production of public services, for example.

The CUCW works to

  • ensure that children receive the protection they need regardless of their background
  • increase the significance of children in all decision-making
  • make children active members of society.

The CUCW updated its strategy in 2013. The previous Lapsen hyvä elämä 2015 strategy is still valid in content but the operational environment of child welfare has undergone dramatic changes since its publication.

Read the Lapsi 2018 strategy in its entirety. (Finnish only)